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Up to $600 – A DJ costing up to $600 dollars is typically a home hobbyist that does DJing part-time.  Quite often a person doing DJing part-time will not carry liability insurance nor have standby equipment if equipment should fail.  For once-in-a-lifetime events like Wedding Receptions, Bar/Bat Mitzahs and Sweet 16s, it is not recommended to hire a DJ in this category.  The possibility of something going wrong or the DJ not even showing up for the event is too risky.

$600 to $1200 – In this price range you will find a DJ that is more experienced than a home hobbyist costing less than $600 dollars.  The DJ likely performs several gigs on a part-time basis often for friends or family.  The depth of offerings would be narrow.  For example, you might have to shop around for extras like a Photo Booth, special lighting or a fog machine.

$1200 and up – In this category you will find a DJ company like Royal Entertainment.   The DJ company is required to carry an insurance policy to perform at most venues.  Services like Photo Booths, Co2 Cannons, Fog Machines, LED Dance stages are some of the offerings.  Bookings are always held in the office of the company where you can interview the persons that will be performing your event.  On staff there should be a variety of Emcees and entertainers to choose from.  Spare equipment and people are always available should something go wrong.  This is the category most people book for Weddings, Sweet 16s and Bar/Bat Mitzvahs.

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